Beware of false profits

Business owners shouldn’t need to know how to code a website, perform SEO updates, manage website security, or implement digital marketing campaigns. If you own a business, you’re probably focused on being an expert in your industry and providing the best services to your clients. That’s what we do at Hero Agency. We don’t build houses, run medical clinics, make craft beverages, or provide legal expertise. We do websites and digital marketing. When we need help with something outside of the web, we reach out to trustworthy professionals who do the things we don’t.
At Hero Agency we follow the advice of our Hero who said, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. It’s that simple.
The COVID-19 pandemic has gutted entire industries and disrupted global commerce. Businesses from every sector have reported budget cuts as a result of the pandemic, except for budgets involving digital marketing. As a result, a lot of smooth talking salespeople have infiltrated the web industry. They’ll say whatever it takes to land a client and make a sale, but it’s always an overpromise with an underdeliver. In times like these your business needs expert advice and support when it comes to reaching new markets and retaining customers online. That’s where Hero comes in. We’ve been saving business from bad website service providers since 2001.
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