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This one is for the number crunchers

A few months ago a business owner contacted us about their very broken website. Their office manager had been updating the site’s content for months, but the content management system (CMS) was using hard coded HTML. The manager was struggling to work with it, and it was eating into her normal duties (the things she was actually hired to do). The owner was also paying a monthly fee to their website provider who was supposed to be servicing the site’s hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), security, and content updates. After an audit of their website it was quickly apparent that the provider was only fulfilling the hosting part of their obligation. We confirmed the owner’s suspicions - he wasn’t getting what he was paying for.

In a follow up meeting with the owner and office manager, they wanted to talk numbers. One of our other clients had referred them to us, so they trusted our expertise, but our pricing gave them pause. Could they afford us? Was it worth it? We’ll let the numbers tell the story…

Monthly costs BEFORE Hero Agency

Office Manager: $4,000
content management
Website provider: $1250
hosting, content management, SEO, CMS updates, security (paid for but not completed)

Monthly costs with Hero Agency

hosting, content management, SEO, CMS and plugin updates, security, email marketing, social media management, reputation management, 3rd party API integration

That’s right, for just $500 more than they were paying for only website hosting, we were able to completely service all of their website management needs. The office manager has been liberated from any website responsibilities and has returned to doing her actual job. The business owner is thrilled having our expert team running the online portion of his business (for less than hiring an intern).

This isn’t an anomaly. Our name was given to us by our clients. “You’re our hero, you saved our website” - it's a phrase we’ve heard many times because of our commitment to excellent service and support. 

Life’s too short for your business to have a bad website, ditch the mediocre web provider and experience what having a hero on your team is like.

How can we be your hero?
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