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Don’t Fall into the Digital Marketing Abyss: Let Hero Light Your Way!

Don’t Fall into the Digital Marketing Abyss: Let Hero Light Your Way!Navigating the digital marketing landscape can often feel like teetering on the edge of an abyss for many business owners. Terms like SEO, PPC, analytics, and content strategy often seem like a foreign language, with the constantly changing landscape of algorithms and tech requirements adding to the confusion.The plights …

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The Power of Expert Website Management: An Investment Worth Making

Your website is more than just an online brochure for your business. It should be a comprehensive hub of your offerings, a marketing machine, and the first and best impression for potential customers. The way your website is designed, developed, optimized, and maintained is crucial to your brand’s image and profitability.

Outsource website management and digital marketing

Why Outsourcing Your Website and Digital Marketing is Smart Business

Why Outsourcing Your Website and Digital Marketing is a Smart Choice for Your BusinessHaving a strong online presence is essential for your business to thrive. Whether a small startup or an established company, your website and digital marketing efforts can make all the difference in attracting and retaining customers. Managing your online presence can be a daunting task, especially if …

Real website vs templates

Template websites are toys, not business tools.

Template websites are toys, not business toolsHave you ever wondered why building an effective website requires more than just a creative eye? It’s because there is a significant technical aspect to website design and development that includes sophisticated coding languages, advanced software, and other unseen elements. Template builder services are excellent liked Squarespace, Weebly, and the like are excellent for …

4 things you need to do to secure your website now

4 Things You Need to Do to Secure Your Website – Now!

4 Things You Need to Do to Secure Your Website, Now!We’re huge fans of WordPress. It’s been our primary CMS for development since 2008. There’s no shortage of positive things we can say about it, there are, however, a few drawbacks that you need to know about. While the core of WordPress is super secure and stable, its real power …

Will Any Office Do?

Will Any Space Do?

Will Any Space Do?Finding the digital strategy that fits your businessIn the long-ago days before Google even existed, we often had to convince our clients they needed a web presence. Now that online marketing is an accepted fact of doing business, there’s no shortage of agencies and freelancers who claim web expertise. Many of these “experts” use free builder tools …

Beware of false profits and fake web developers

Beware of false profits

Beware of false profitsBusiness owners shouldn’t need to know how to code a website, perform SEO updates, manage website security, or implement digital marketing campaigns. If you own a business, you’re probably focused on being an expert in your industry and providing the best services to your clients. That’s what we do at Hero Agency. We don’t build houses, run …

Website Security and Hosting

Website Security: Hacks and hackers v.s. heroes

Website Security: Hacks & Hackers v.s. heroesIt happened again. A business owner called our office because they were at the end of their wits. Her website had been hacked two weeks earlier and the company that built it, who they still paid a large monthly support fee to, hadn’t fixed it (nor given an ETA on when it would be …

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Ethos of Heroes: Saving businesses from bad website & marketing agencies

Ethos of Heroes: Saving businesses from bad website & marketing agenciesDuring a recent meeting a business owner he asked, “so what sets Hero Agency apart from the competition?”  I love answering this question because it affords an opportunity to call into question all kinds of assumptions that exist in the business world. “We don’t have any competition”, I replied. “website …