Website Security: Hacks & Hackers v.s. heroes

It happened again. A business owner called our office because they were at the end of their wits. Her website had been hacked two weeks earlier and the company that built it, who they still paid a large monthly support fee to, hadn’t fixed it (nor given an ETA on when it would be fixed). The business was losing money and their brand reputation was being damaged by what the hacker had done to their website. She needed a Hero.

We jumped into action. By the end of the day we had diagnosed the issue, created a plan for recovery, and had taken over as their new website service provider. Unfortunately their website was so badly compromised that we couldn’t salvage it. We were, however, able to clone the site and have them up and running again by the end of that week.

Website Security

If you have a website, someone is trying to hack it. With our advanced security suite (the Super Shield) we actively monitor the health and security of websites that we create and host. Thousands of hacker attacks are logged on our servers each day, from the simple brute force bot attacks to advanced injection code attempts. While no website is impenetrable, our success rate for blocking hackers still sits at 100%.

The marketplace is flooded with “web developers” who only know how to use drag and drop builder tools. They don’t understand the code behind what they’re piecing together. We call them “sales focused developers”. Their goal is to get your money, not provide you with a valuable service. Most of the time the owners of those companies don’t even know how their products work - they just hire junior developers, or worse, subcontract overseas coders.

At Hero Agency, we do our work in-house with our own hands. We know how websites work from front-end to back-end, and we know how to keep them safe from hackers. This is why our clients trust us and why they continue to refer us to their friends.

If you have a website that’s critical to your organization’s mission, contact Hero Agency today for a free security consultation.
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